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flopro spray gun starter set 7 spray settings
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The Flopro Garden Multi Spray Set helps to make watering your garden a breeze. This set features a versatile spray gun with 7 spray patterns and all the essential connectors you need to streamline your watering routine. Including a complete Supergrip Hose Connector Set to ensure a secure and efficient connection between your hose and outdoor tap. It also includes an outdoor tap connector for hassle-free attachment to your water source, a hose connector for seamless integration with your hose, and a water stop connector that allows you to control the water flow with ease.

With the Flopro Garden Multi Spray Set, you can effortlessly switch between different spray patterns using the included spray gun, providing you with the flexibility to cater to the specific watering needs of your plants, flowers, or lawn. Whether you need a gentle mist for delicate blooms or a powerful jet for thorough watering, this set has you covered.

  • Set includes: Supergrip Outdoor Tap Connector, Supergrip Hose Connector, Supergrip Water Stop Hose Connector and a Spray Gun
  • Spray gun has 7 x spray patterns – mist, cone, fan, rose, jet, fill and soft
  • Spray gun water flow is fully adjustable with trigger
  • Spray gun has ergonomic styling providing a comfort grip handle
  • Durable materials protect the gun against damage
  • Fits all brands

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flopro spray gun set 7 x settings

Supergrip Hose Connector Set

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