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Flopro Can-Can Watering Can
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The Flopro Can-Can 7.5L is an innovative, unique watering can with an extra long reach, designed to make watering easier. Most gardeners use their outside taps to fill up their watering cans, however they can be difficult to fill. They become heavy to hold when standing at a tap waiting for it to fill up and often water spills out. Gardeners are also often losing the rose head and find that it leaks when in use. The Flopro Can-Can is here to solve those problems.

The can is the first watering can that connects directly to a hose pipe connector for easy, no mess filling. This means you can connect your hose pipe and leave it to fill up without having to hold it. It also means you can fill your can anywhere in the garden to save you trips back and forth to the tap. Simply bring the hosepipe to you and fill up right next to your plants.

The Flopro Can-Can Watering Can is dual action too, which means you can use it with the rose for watering pots and containers and then with a simple flip top action, it can quickly be converted to a fast fill pouring spout – perfect for watering trees. The can also features a large filling hole for dunking in a water butt.

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Sizes available

  • 7.5 Litres (1.65 gallons)
  • How to use
  • How it can help you save water?
  • Tips & Advice

How to fill with your hose or tap

Attach a short piece of hose with 1 x Hose Connector and 1 x Stop Connector. Using a stop connector will allow you to turn the tap on and attach to the Can-Can and quickly remove when ready. No more holding the can or struggling with a rusty tap.

If you have a Hose Reel or Cart, simply use the short feeder hose section that attaches to the cart to fill your Can-Can.

Can-Can is easy to fill from a hose pipe anywhere in the garden. Rather than walking back and forth to the tap, simply bring the water to you and fill direct from the hose right next to your plants.

flopro can can in use

Note: Be sure to water the base of your plants and not waste your effort or water spraying all the foliage as well. Most of this water simply evaporates.

By using the Flopro Can-Can you can also save water. A hose and sprinkler can use about 1000 litres an hour which is equivalent to the same amount of water one person would normally use in a whole week. Using a watering can reduces water usage significantly. It helps you become more aware of the amount of water you use.

can can save water


Be sure to water the base of your plants and not waste your effort or water spraying all the foliage as well. Most of this water simply evaporates.

flopro can can watering pour spout

How can I prevent snails getting into the watering can?

The rose can be stored on board when the watering can is not in use which blocks the entrance and will stop snails climbing into the can.

flopro can can watering can

For any questions or advice, please contact our technical advice line on 01480 443789 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm) or email [email protected]

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