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Hyacinths: How to grow

Hyacinths: How to grow

Hyacinths come in many colour and varieties and provide lots of colour and interest with their highly fragrant flowers. Plant in clusters for maximum impact!

They naturally flower in spring, but can be forced to provide a great Christmas display.

Wear gloves when handling the bulbs, as they can cause skin irritations.

If growing inside, the bulbs can be transferred outside after they have flowered and the leaves have died back, creating a stunning display the following spring.

Further advice:

  • Planting bulbs in borders – These can be planted after indoor flowering by removing the bulb from the pot, and placing in a shallow hole, protecting the roots.  Allow the foliage to die back naturally, as this allows carbohydrate stores to build up for the following spring colour show
  • Planting bulbs in containers – Choose pots with drainage holes to allow excess rainwater to drain through avoiding rotting of the bulbs.  Place crocks in the bottom then use a good bulb compost as this has the correct texture and nutrients for growing bulbs.  Check watering and avoid over-watering whenever possible.  Allow foliage to die back naturally before removing.  Bulbs can be dried in a cool dry place then re-planted, or left in situ
  • Indoor bulbs – choose shallow pots, fill with bulb compost, and plant bulbs with growing tips showing.  Place in a cool dark place to force growth for up to 9 weeks.  The foliage will appear yellow at first when brought in to the light, but will be green in a few days once in the light.  Check watering taking care not to overwater.  Either plant out after flowering has passed, or allow foliage to die back naturally before drying out for re-planting.
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