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John Innes composts were developed over 50 years ago and are based on a traditional recipe of sterilised loam, peat and horticultural grit with added nutrients.

  • Perfect for bringing seeds to life
  • For fast, healthy germination
  • Fine texture
  • Helps retain moisture around seed
  • Sizes 10L, 30L
  • Product Details

Westland John Innes Seed Sowing Compost, a loam based compost which is a naturally reduced peat mix, provides the optimum environment for seed germination and growth into healthy seedlings, with an added natural plant extract to enhance seed germination and establishment. Westland John Innes Seed Sowing Compost is the best choice for sowing seed and seedlings:

• Balanced nutrient supply for seedlings
• Easy to water and re-wet
• High loam content acts as a buffer for nutrients For best results always used fresh seed and follow the suppliers instructions.

How to use

First, put on a pair of gloves and rework compost between your hands, so it regains its intended texture. Then you’re all set.

Seed Sowing

A gardener placing seeds into a seed tray.

• Fill seed tray evenly with compost to just below the rim.
• Water compost thoroughly and allow to drain.
• Sow the seeds evenly over the whole surface and cover evenly with a thin layer of compost and water in with a fine rose.
• Cover seed tray with glass or polythene to prevent drying out.
• Place in a warm spot away from direct sunlight until seeds have germinated.
• Remove glass/polythene and keep moist until seedlings are ready for pricking out.
• John Innes Seed Sowing Compost contains sufficient nutrients for the first 2-3 weeks of growth until they are ready for pricking out.



Pricking out

A gardener pricking out seedlings from a seed tray.

• Pricking out seedlings when they are large enough to handle.
• Hold seedling by the leaves to avoid damage and tease roots out using a dibber or pencil.
• Plant seedling apart to allow for growth and into pots or trays of John No.1 Young Plant Compost.


• Keep compost moist NEVER allow to dry out.
• Water carefully using a watering can with a fine rose.

Handy gardening tips

• Store in a frost free place and away from weedkillers and other garden chemicals.
• Re-seal bag after use.

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