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May gardening

May gardening

With summer quickly approaching and flowers and plants coming into bloom, May is a busy time of year for gardeners. It’s a great time of year to get back into lawn mowing, weeding and watering regimes as everything is now thriving with the warmer temperatures.

Lawn Care

Start mowing lawns weekly to keep them thick and lush. Repair any lawn patches with lawn seed and consider applying a treatment to green up your lawn in time for the summer months.

TOP TIP – Aftercut 3 Day Green is a great choice for conditioning and greening your lawn.

A box of aftercut 3 day green.

Flowers and Borders

Now is a great time to take stock of your borders. Divide clumps of spring bulbs and transplant elsewhere if needed. Fill in gaps with hardy annuals, like Alliums, Nasturtiums and Cottage Flower Mixes.

TOP TIP – Gro-Sure Easy Containers Compost contains water-storing granules which soak up moisture and release it when the plant needs it most.

A bag of gro sure easy containers compost.

Fruit and Vegetables

Start sowing Salad Leaves, French Beans, Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrots and Spring Onions outside in the vegetable plot. Sow pumpkins, runner beans and courgettes on a windowsill or in a greenhouse, ready to plant out next month. Pick rhubarb as soon as it’s ready to harvest and make a tasty crumble!

TOP TIP – Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer is an organic way to control slugs and snails and stop them feasting on your growing plants!

A tube of growing success advanced slug killer.


  1. Mow lawns weekly
  2. Divide clumps of spring bulbs
  3. Prune hedges and shrubs (taking care not to disturb nesting birds)
  4. Start feeding beds and borders

  5. Sow pumpkins, runners beans, lettuce and leeks
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