There’s nothing more satisfying than the autumn tidy- working through beds and borders removing finished flower stems, seed heads etc.

But what’s good for the gardener is not so good for other garden visitors. Tidying our plots ahead of winter removes potential natural bird food.

Your autumn tidy should act as a timely reminder to provide for your feathered friends through winter.


  • Switch to high energy bird food to stop birds deteriorating as the temperatures drop 
  • Clean patios and decking to stop algae making them slippery over winter
  • Dig compost into borders to improve nutrient levels, ready for autumn planting


  • If weather is still mild, use autumn lawn treatments, essential for protecting your lawn over winter
  • If there is no frost yet, you've still got time to sow a new lawn from seed


Fruit & Veg


  • Tackle persistent weeds
    Very Bad

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