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Gro-Sure Planting Magic

Universal planting mix for all types of plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs & bulbs. Simply scatter into planting hole for more health and growth!
  • Water storing pockets for better moisture control
  • Seaweed for healthy plant growth
  • Fast acting nutrients giving plants a great start
  • Slow release nutrients for 6 months of nourishment
  • Size 2kg, 4kg, 700g
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How to use in Beds, Borders, Containers & Baskets

1. Dig

Shake the pack well before using to ensure the nutrients are mixed. Dig a hole in the soil slightly larger than the pot your plant is growing in.

2. Scatter

Scatter Gro-Sure® Planting Magic into the hole and onto the soil or compost you will use to backfill around the plant. Lightly mix into the soil or compost.

3. Plant & Water

Remove the plant from the pot and place in the hole. Fill around the plant and firm the soil. Give it a really good watering to activate and to settle the plant in.

4. Enjoy

Now just sit back and enjoy watching your plants flourish for the rest of the season. Remember to keep watering as needed.

General Advice

  • Remove any weeds from the area before planting
  • Protect young plants from pests e.g. slugs
  • Wash hands and reseal bag after use
  • Store pouch in a cool, dry place, away from children, pets and foodstuff
  • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas
  • Contents may settle during transit, shake pouch well before use

Table of usage

Type of plant How much to use (1 handful = approx.35g)
Bedding, vegetables & small herbaceous plants ½ handful per planting hole
Medium to large herbaceous plants, small shrubs & trees (under 0.25m) 1 handful per planting hole
Medium shrubs and trees (0.25 - 0.5m) Roses 2 handfuls per planting hole
Larger shrubs and trees (0.5m +) 3 handfuls +

Hints and Tips

Gro-Sure® Planting Magic is suitable for general garden use, including ericaceous plants, bedding, herbaceous plants, shrubs, trees, hedges, vegetables and fruit. Not recommended for use with seeds and seedlings. When planting, always make sure that the planting depth is correct. Ideally, the top of the soil / compost in the pot should be level with the surrounding soil once planted.

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