Westland Houseplant Feed

The perfect plant food for your houseplants. This balanced formula is enriched with the essential nutrients and trace elements that houseplants need to thrive. It helps them grow healthy and strong with a rich green leaf colour, and boosts flower growth. 
  • For healthier growth & greener leaves
  • Specialist blend
  • Added perlite for optimum airflow & drainage
  • Contains water-retaining Seramis
  • Available in both 4L and 8L pouches

When to use

Spring or Autumn


How to use

  • Water plant well and allow to drain
  • Choose a pot around 3-5cm larger than the old one with drainage holes
  • Place a layer of potting mix in the bottom of the new pot and carefully remove the plant from its pot
  • Holding it upright and in the middle of the pot,carefully fill with potting mix around the sides until the pot is full
  • Tap the pot to settle the mix
  • Water well



  • Remove the cap
  • Holding the bottle upright, gently squeeze the bottle to fill the dosing chamber and release
  • The doser will remove any excess plant food, leaving a 5ml dose in the chamber
  • Add to 1 litre of water
  • Feed every second watering during the growing season (Spring/Summer)
  • In winter, use every fourth watering as houseplants will require fewer nutrients
  • Avoid overdosing and applying to foliage

Why use?

  • This open, free draining mix promotes healthier growth and greener leaves for an outstanding indoor garden!
  • Contains unique Seramis granules for optimum water and nutrient availability.
  • Added perlite for airflow & drainage resulting in healthier root development.


What to expect

  • Healty beautiful plants
    Very Bad

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