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Westland Hydroleca Clay Granules

Formed from ceramic clay pebbles, Westland Hydroleca granules have a smooth, dense outer skin and honeycomb interior. They absorb water and release it slowly making them ideal for use as a decorative pot topper, in pots for crocking and lining greenhouse benches.

  • Decorative pot topper for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight
  • Granules absorb water and slowly release it
  • Protects from over-watering and creates a beneficial micro-climate
  • Ideal for crocking and improving humidity
  • Available in 10L

Why Use?

Westland Hydroleca Clay Granules are ideal for use as decorative pot topping, crocking and improving humidity. They have good insulating properties due to their cellular nature. Hydroleca does not compact and is unaffected by frost which allows it to be used outdoors as well as indoors where the pebbles’ light weight is beneficial in roof garden plantings.


When to use?

Hydoleca can be used anytime throughout the year, both indoors and outdoors.



How to use?

Decorative Topping

Sprinkle a layer of Hydroleca onto the compost surface of pots, containers, window boxes and tubs. It can be used both in and outdoors.


Houseplant Care

Place the plant pot on a layer of Hydroleca which will absorb water and release it slowly to prevent root damage caused by the pot standing in water. The humid microclimate created around the plant is especially beneficial in centrally heated homes.


Crocking & Potting Up

For crocking, put a handful of Hydroleca in the bottom of pots and containers as crocks before filling with compost. This will provide good water retention and aeration, improving plant root growth and overall plant health. For lightweight pots and containers add Hydroleca to potting compost in a ratio of one part Hydroleca to three parts compost to grow a wide range of plants, including small trees and shrubs.


Greenhouse benches

Fill a tray with a 2cm layer of Hydroleca and place plant pots on top. Keep the Hydroleca moist so that it gradually releases moisture to the plants placed on its surface and improves greenhouse humidity.

Balconies and Roof Gardens

Add Hydroleca to potting compost in a ratio of one part Hydroleca to three parts compost for lighter weight containers to grow a wide range of plants, including small trees and shrubs. Hydroleca can also be used as the drainage layer in a green roof planting of drought-tolerant plants such as sedums.

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