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The Gro-Sure Lawn Seed Promise

At Westland, we have created The Gro-Sure Lawn Seed Promise. This will give you the confidence that every time you use one of our products. Whether it’s Multi-Purpose, Fast Acting, Shady or Fine and Luxurious, you’ll get consistent and successful results every time.

We are proud to deliver success in every seed and give guaranteed results for every gardener. Plus, we’re committed to constantly improving and refining our ranges.



Grass varieties

We carefully select grass varieties with the best characteristics for the home lawn. We review and improve our selection every year based on a continuous and extensive independent trial programmes. Our grass seed species perform and are capable to establish in colder climates. The mixes have been carefully crafted to deliver high tolerance to common diseases. They also have good wear resistance and look green and lush throughout the season. This is possible thanks to our strict quality control standard. This ensures the highest germination rates and purity level, so you get results that show for themselves.



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Colour matching

Gro-sure lawn seed promise: our range is colour matched

Our Gro-Sure Lawn Seed Promise is colour matched. Whether creating, over-seeding or repairing your lawn, the main desire is to have an even, green result. To achieve this consistency, they all have the same shade of green. So, buying Gro-Sure lawn seed gives you the confidence that each box will have the same consistent colour in every box, every year. This is especially important when it comes to lawn repairs, as you want the new grass to blend with the existing lawn. Trials recreating normal garden conditions are performed to ensure the varieties chosen will grow at the right colour and perform consistently throughout the seasons.

Fine grass

Gro-sure lawn seed promise: fine grass blades for a beautiful, lush lawn

We use a combination of fine-leaved Perennial Ryegrass which blend together, forming a lawn that looks great, even with hard-wearing grass mixes. We also add other specialist grass species like Creeping Fescues so they blend and knit together to create a dense, lush lawn. This fine-leaf grass has a high sward density that also helps to outcompete weeds and moss and keeps your grass looking healthy. In our trials, we are continually looking at new varieties and mixtures to improve various aspects. This includes germination success and speed, vigour, disease resistance, greenness and winter hardiness to optimise the lawn performance.


Suitable for all soils

Gro-sure lawn seed promise: our lawn seed will grow on any soil type

Whether you live near the coast or have heavy clay soil, we deliver a lawn that will perform. We test our seed varieties in all soils types and pH levels to ensure every gardener will have great results. In addition to different soil types, we have a range of blends available that have been designed for specific uses. Whether it’s wear-tolerant from children and pets, or for a lawn which is in the shade, we have a blend designed for your need.


Disease tolerant

Gro-sure lawn seed promise: your lawn will have a high disease tolerance

Lawns that are susceptible to disease will become worn out when played upon. They also aren’t tolerant to weather changes such as drought and water-logging, ultimately letting down the overall look of your garden. We have selected specific varieties with higher disease resistance for a stronger, healthier looking lawn. They have the best genetics for plant health and have been selected to perform well with our range of lawncare products to further enhance their performance.



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