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March gardening

March gardening

The gardening season is nearly here! Daffodils should be in full bloom and Bluebells and Tulips will be following soon. Take advantage of the extra daylight hours and increased temperatures by spending time in your garden getting it ready for spring.

Garden Maintenance

Mow lawns on a dry day once they start growing again and tidy up edges. Spring clean patios, decking and driveways. Weed vegetable plots and borders. Refresh the compost in pots and containers. Make a start on structural changes, like a new pond, bedding area or border.

TOP TIP – Tidy up patios, decking and driveways with a weedkiller that gets to work quickly like Resolva 24H

A one litre ready to use bottle of Resolva 24h weedkiller.

Fruit and Vegetables

Sow seed potatoes once all threat of frost has passed. Shallot, onion sets and garlic can also be planted at this time of year. Force rhubarb if you haven’t done so already. Sow tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and herbs indoors.

TOP TIP – Not sure how to grow tomatoes from seed? Use a kit like Gro-Sure® Sow Smart™ Tomato Plugs to make the process easy

A box of gro sure sow smart.

Garden Birds

Garden birds will be getting ready to build nests and start spring time courtship rituals. It’s a busy time of year for them, so make sure they have the energy they need for all this activity! Protein minerals like calcium are especially important for healthy egg production and the development of young chicks.

TOP TIP – Peckish Nesting & Young Bird Seed Mix is specifically for the nesting season. It’s a high quality food which contains the Calvita vitamin and mineral supplement to help nesting and young birds thrive.

A bag of peckish nesting and young bird seed mix.


  1. Spring clean decking and patios
  2. Mow the lawn on a high setting if it’s no longer frosty
  3. Sow seed potatoes
  4. Start sowing vegetable and flower seeds outdoors
  5. Feed nesting birds

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