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New Horizon Peat Free Compost

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Westland BI03 is a revolutionary new compost formulation engineered to out perform all peat-based blends. Only Westland can deliver compost excellence in every bag. This assurance is guaranteed because we control the supply chain. New Horizon is naturally peat free and contains the perfect blend of Biofibre, West+ and Coir.

Specially created to be the perfect compost for all plants. No peat. No compromise.

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Garden Advice

Top 10 Veg to Grow

 Deciding which variety of vegetables to grow can prove to be challenging. James Oakey is the Head of Horticulture at Westland, and has put together his top 10 choices, to give you some inspiration.


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What is compost

A guide to show the difference between shop bought and making your own compost

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Compost for growing fruit and veg

It's important to choose the right compost for growing fruit and veg because they require so many nutrients.

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How to test your soil

Before planting anything in your garden, the most important thing to do is to establish your soil type.

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The Importance of Digging

Digging your soil is extremely important to make it light enough for plants and flowers to grow in. 

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