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Gro-Sure Smart Patch Lawn Seed

Gro-Sure Smart Patch has a unique blend of ingredients, designed to repair any patch in any lawn quickly and easily. Perfect for repairing all patches

  • Locks in water & nutrients
  • Neutralises dog urine
  • Germination guaranteed
  • Strong root development
  • 15 patches

When to use

The patching mix may be sown when the soil temperature is between 10-18°C. The best time is April to September.



How to use

  • Remove all dead grass and weeds (including their roots) from the patch.
  • Lightly rake the soil to prepare the patch, breaking up any hard lumps or compacted soil surfaces.
  • Hold the spreader by the handle and flip open the sprout. Holding by your side, tilt until granules start to flow. 
  • Apply Smart patch to a depth of 2mm, then water in.
  • Water with a fine spray to moisten the mixture and activate the seed.
  • You can apply slightly less when covering thin grass rather than a bare patch.

Rate of application: 1.2 kg pack will treat 15 patches of 45cm diameter using approximately 75g per patch. 




1. Cut the grass at 5-8cm (2-3") high. 

2. Gradually lower the cutting height to about 2.5cm (1 inch). Do not remove more than 1/3 of the grass leaf at any one time.

3. Feed your lawn after the first 2 cuts. 

Why use

Gro-Sure Smart Patch has a unique belnd of ingredients, designed to repair any patch in any lawn quicklt and easily. 




Where to use

This is perfect for repairing all patches:

  • In high-traffic areas where the lawn is worn away
  • In patches caused by pet urine damage
  • Shady conditions, such as under trees
  • In and around children's play areas, such as trampolines




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