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A Clever Guide To Thick Lawns

A Clever Guide To Thick Lawns

There’s nothing better than relaxing on thick, green grass in the sun. And now spring is here, you’re about to be spending a lot more time outdoors. But what if the harsh and unpredictable British winter has left your lawn looking limp, patchy and dull?
That’s where Aftercut Lawn Thickener comes in. Its innovative mixture that not only feeds and rejuvenates grass - it also contains seeds to add new life to your lawn.
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A Greener, Lusher Lawn

Aftercut doesn’t just provide nutrients to grass on the surface, it feeds your lawn from root to tip, giving it a vibrant green colour and a thicker, fuller appearance. And the clever part is that it’s formulated so it doesn’t encourage excessive growth, meaning you don’t have to keep digging the mower out of the garden shed.


Adds New Grass

The thing that really makes our formula a cut above the rest is that it contains lawn seed. This makes sure any gaps in your lawn are filled with new growth so you have a dense, lush lawn with no room for weeds or moss.


Child and Pet Safe

Lawns have to be a lot of things, from a racetrack for pets to a playground for children. That’s why we made sure Aftercut Lawn Thickener doesn’t contain any pesticides so you can be happy knowing your loved ones are safe. Best of all, our formula disintegrates quickly once watered, meaning they can get back to enjoying your garden in no time. 

How To Use

To get a thick lawn, simply apply every 3-4 weeks between February and
September to give it a steady supply of nutrients.
The best time to apply Aftercut Lawn Thickener is when it has been freshly cut.
Apply the granules evenly across the lawn - to make it easier you can mark the areas that need to be treated in one metre square individual areas.
Use 35 grams of Aftercut per square metre, which is approximately 1 handful, over the marked area. For larger areas of grass you can do this with a handheld or wheeled spreader.

To Finish

Simply brush the granules off any paving, decking or hard surfaces.
For the best results water your lawn after applying Aftercut. See our advice on watering your lawn for more recommendations.

Aftercut Lawn Thickener Benefits

  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Contains Lawn Seed
  • Child & Pet Safe
  • Simple to Use
    Very Bad

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