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Caring for Houseplants

Caring for houseplants is fairly simple as long as you remember some key principles.

As always, read the label on your houseplant for specialist care advice particular to your plant. Cacti will require very different conditions to a money plant or an orchid!



Your houseplants will need annual potting on to keep them healthy.

Westland Indoor Plant Compost caters for a wide range of houseplants. For specialist houseplants such as orchids, cacti or citrus, use the most appropriate specialist compost.


Pots and trays

You’ll need a range of waterproof decorative pots and drip trays to prevent water stains on furniture and windowsills.



Look out for Westland’s range of specialist feeds for indoor plants, such as orchids, cacti and citrus.



A one or two litre watering can with a narrow spout is easier to carry around the home and won’t flood your pots.

A mist spray bottle is also a good idea to have on hand to raise humidity around your plants.


Pest Control

Resolva Bug Killer should deal with any problems that may arise from aphids, blackfly or other energy sapping bugs. Always read the label before use.

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