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flopro hose connection set
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The Flopro Everyday Hose Connection Set is the optimal solution for linking your hose reel, cart, or Can-Can to your outdoor tap without the need to cut a short section of your hosepipe. This set features a hose connector and water stop connector, both equipped with steel springs for swift and seamless connections to the tap, reel, or cart. Crafted from ABS plastic, the same material found in car bumpers for impact absorption and strength.

Our Flopro Supergrip connectors are also 20* longer vs. the standard in the market which means they have a firmer grip.

  • This Hose Connection Set quickly connects your hose reel or cart to an outdoor tap
  • Ready to use
  • Includes Supergrip Hose Connector, Waterstop Connector, and Universal Outdoor Tap Connector
  • Fits all brands
  • 10 year guarantee

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